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Meridian Singles - Cordyceps
Meridian Singles Cordyceps
Our Price: $39.95

Meridian Singles - Cordyceps is a warming and revitalizing tonic for enhancing stamina, reducing fatigue and strengthening the immune system.
Meridian Remedies Stress Relief
Meridian Remedies Stress Relief
Our Price: $18.95

Meridian Remedies Stress Relief balances the body to optimize its ability to deal with stress and minimize symptoms such as muscle tension and irritability.

Grade A Loose Moxa
Grade A Loose Moxa
Our Price: $1.93

Grade A Loose Moxa is clean-burning quality moxa floss for making moxa cones or for use with direct and indirect moxa techniques.

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Bach Flower Remedies - Crab Apple

Our Price: $17.75
Sale Price: $11.53
Savings: $6.22
Bach Flower Remedies - Crab Apple
Bach Flower Remedies - Crab Apple is an herbal tincture for those who feel they have something not quite clean about themselves.

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Meridian Singles - Reishi Mushroom
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High Quality Japanese Loose Moxa
Our Price: $35.20

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