AcuZone Premium Cupping Set (19 Cup)

AcuZone Premium Vacuum Cupping Set

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AcuZone Premium Cupping Set (19 Cup)

This 19 piece vacuum cupping set is simple to use, easy to clean and comes with acupressure inserts for more focused stimulation. The cups are sturdy, resistant to shock and heat and can be boiled.


  • Insert the top opening of a cup to the rubber opening of the vacuum pump.
  • Place the cup on the skin and pump 2 to 3 times to create vacuum.
  • After pumping remove the vacuum pump from the cup.
  • To remove the cup from the skin, lift the top lid to let the air in.

To use acupressure pointers, place pointer inside cup prior to placing on the skin and repeat same steps as above.

To use extension tube, c onnect one end to the top opening and the other end to the pump to perform cupping on hard to reach areas.

To Clean:
Swab with alcohol or sterilize with boiling water. It is not recommended to clean cups with abrasive cleansers which can create scratches.

Product Contains:

  • cup #1(Dia. 2.0") x 13 pcs
  • cup #2(Dia. 1.75") x 1 pc
  • cup #3(Dia. 1.5") x 2 pcs
  • cup #4(Dia. 1.25") x 2 pcs
  • cup #5(Dia. 1.0") x 1 pc
  • vacuum pump x 1 pc
  • extension tube x 1pc
  • acupressure pointer x 10 pcs

Manufactured by : K.S. Choi. Corporation, Made in Korea

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