Dragon's Blood Tendon Lotion (Xue Jie Shu Jin Lu) - Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth

Dragon's Blood Tendon Lotion - Xue Jie Shu Jin Lu

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Dragon's Blood Tendon Lotion (
Xue Jie Shu Jin Lu) 血竭舒筋露

Dragon’s Blood Tendon Lotion is the treatment of choice chronic injuries or chronic problems with the tendons or ligaments classified as “tendonitis” or “tendinosis.” This product is generally used for 2nd and 3rd stage injuries to the sinews (tendons, ligaments and cartilage).

Use just a small amount of the liniment and rub into the local area.

Ingredients: xue jie; cao wu; chuan wu; dang gui wei; tao ren; gui zhi; ru xiang; mo yao; mu tong; zi ran tong; da huang; lu lu tong; zhang mu; tian nan xing; alcohol base.

External Use Only! Do not use over open skin lesions or rashes.

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