Herbs for Shingles

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Blue Poppy Jade Dew Ointment Blue Poppy Jade Dew Ointment (0.5 oz)

Blue Poppy Jade Dew Ointment is a topical herbal preparation for pain, swelling, and redness associated with herpes simplex outbreaks or cold sores when applied before the blister has formed and broken.

Our Price: $6.25
Meridian Classic Teapills - Long Dan Xie Gan Wan Long Dan Xie Gan Tang (Teapills)

A classic formula for symptoms such as migraine, vaginal discharge, genital pain, rib side pain, anger, or eye pain.

Our Price: $12.25
Dermcare Shinglestat dermcare Shinglestat (1 oz)

Dermcare Shinglestat is a natural herbal remedy indicated for the pain and irritation associated with Shingles ( Herpes Zoster ) and to speed the resolution of breakouts.

Our Price: $15.95
Dermatology M H-Ointment Yu Xing Gao H-Ointment - Dermatology M

Yu Xing Gao H-Ointment for relief of herpetic skin lesions. Dermatology M, superior herbal skin solutions from Mazin Al-Kafaji.

Our Price: $29.95