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Women's Tea Womens Tea (30 bags)

Women's Tea
30 Tea bags. Caffeine Free. All Natural Herbs.

Our Price: $3.24
Meridian Classic Shi Xiao San Teapills Shi Xiao San (Teapills)

A classic formula for symptoms such as sharp pain in the chest or abdomen, postpartum pain and bleeding, colicky abdominal pain, dysmenorrhea.

Our Price: $10.95
Tao Hong Si Wu Tang Tao Hong Si Wu Tang (Teapills)

Meridian Classic Tao Hong Si Wu Tang Teapills tonifies Blood, invigorates Blood in the Liver and Uterus, regulates menses for patterns with symptoms such as dysmenorrhea, dark, clotted menstrual blood, pallor, dizziness, palpitations.

*contains tree nuts or seeds

Our Price: $10.95
Meridian Biologix Peaceful Cycle Meridian Biologix Peaceful Cycle (5 ml)

PMS/Menstrual Cramps. Essential oil 5 ml.

Our Price: $16.11
Meridian Classic Yan Hu Suo Tang Teapills Yan Hu Suo Tang (Teapills)

A classic formula for patterns with symptoms such as abdominal pain with gynecological disorders, sharp pain along the spine, irregular menses, severe spasms.

Our Price: $16.84
Snow Lotus Invigorate Blood, Moderate Menses Snow Lotus Invigorate Blood (10 ml)

Breaks up Blood stasis and reduces monthly flow.

Our Price: $17.60
Snow Lotus Pelvic Decongest Snow Lotus Pelvic Decongest (10 ml)

For pelvic congestion with heavy/early flow, cramps, and clots.

Our Price: $17.60