Moxa Holder with Case

Moxa Holder

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Moxa Container for indirect moxibustion.

The kit is made of solid brass, everlasting and ideal for moxibustion of all types all the year around. Thoughtful in safety design, convenient in mobility and placement, steady in temperature setting; and durable in practical value, this kit is a great daily TCM device for practitioners and healthcare tool for lay people.

Main Features:

- Solid brass body from inside to outside
- Double layers of tanks with little holes for better fire combustion
- Metal screen installed securely at the bottom of the kit to prevent fire or ash from penetration and potential burn
- 3” long sturdy handle for easy and accurate aiming and placement during moxibustion
- 2 solid brass ear-drop handles neatly equipped for convenient positioning and secure fastening by 1 elastic strap with 2 stainless steel clamps at both end
- Strong impact rubber base engineered deliberately to prevent from excessive heat and possible burn throughout moxibustion


First, light the moxa punk or the cut moxa sections, then put them into the tank, at the same time, you must be sure the fire head is adown, at last, get the lid on and hold it over the affected part. To adjust the heat, you can hold the tank and adjust the height, or directly bandage it with the affected area. If the temperature is not hot enough, you can fill up a piece of cloth or towel instead of rubber ring. The best effect is micro-hot or no-hurting. If heatpower is too weak, the effect is poor.

The interior of the tank has two layers.You can take the inner layer out, and put drug bread, garlic, ginger and other ingredient between the two layers.

To prevent skin burns, put the rubber mats of the upper right on the bottom of the tank. Also there is a small bandage and some hooks, they can be fixed in place with the rubber pad.


Moxibustion (moxa) should only be administered under the direction or supervision of a qualified practitioner. To ensure safety, do not use moxa products that are damaged or cracked. Instruct patients to communicate any uncomfortable sensation of heat immediately.

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