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Natural Plant Quintes Foot Patch (12 patches)

Natural Plant Quintes Foot Patch (12 Sheets)

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The effective ingredients contained in this product penetrate into points on the feet and can eliminate dampness and toxins in the body. This can soothe tension, improve sleep, skin quality and support overall health. These products are extremely popular for toxin-discharging and beauty products in South Korea and Japan, and also widely used in Hong Kong, Taiwan Province, Singapore, Europe and the United States.

The main ingredient in the product is bamboo extract that was refined from pure and natural bamboo in the high mountains. This bamboo extract can effectively remove toxins and dampness while purifying the body and beautifying the skin. The bamboo extract has super-powerful penetrating and toxin-discharging function. The continuous effect can last for eight hours, and can rapidly discharge toxins stagnated in endocrine system, intestinal tract and circulatory system. They may remove pigmented spots, eliminate constipation, relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation, improve sleep, relieve stress and pains in the neck, shoulder, waist, back and limbs.

Main Functions:

Discharge toxin and nourish appearance, purify body and beautify skin, promote metabolism, enhance immune function, improve overall health. Improve constipation, abdominal distension, alleviate bad breath, as well as foot and armpit odors. Soothes fatigue, promote sleep, rapidly alleviate the stress in the feet and joints. Eliminate impurities in body. Facilitate blood circulation, improve the dullness, sallowness, and lackluster quality of skin, leaving it healthy and vital.

Good for: insomnia, amnesia, depression, fatigue, those who work mainly at a computer, stress, exposure to long-term radiation, people who work on their feet or stand and walk for a long time, people with aches and swelling in the neck, shoulders, waist, and legs, people with tired feet and legs, constipation, halitosis, or other strong body odors.

Main Ingredients: Natural bamboo extract powder, natural mineral fine powder, loquat leaves, tourmaline, trace elements, chitin, vitamin C, vitamin E, orange essential oil.

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