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PeeKay Tonic Formula for Cold & Flu

PeeKay Tonic Formula for Cold & Flu

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PeeKay Tonic Formula for Cold & Flu

PeeKay's by Paul Kempisty, L.Ac

Supplement Facts:
Take 5 to 10 squirts, 2-3 times per day, or as directed by your health care provider.

To evaporate alcohol, place in hot water.


  • Fresh Ginger rhizome/ Sheng Jiang
  • Forsythia fruit/ Lian Qiao
  • Lonicera flower: Jin yin Hua
  • Houtuynia herb: Yu Xing Cao
  • Dandelion herb: Pu Gong Yin
  • Oldenlandia herb: Bai Hua She She Cao
  • Isatis root: Ban Lan Gen
  • Perilla leaf: Zi Su Ye
  • Cinnamon twig: Gui Zhi
  • Tangerine peel: Chen Pi
  • Magnolia bark: Hou Po
  • Astragalus root: Huang Qi
  • Codonopsis root: Dang Shen
  • Platycodon root: Jie Geng
  • Burdock seed: Nui bang Zi
  • Angelica dahurica rt: Bai Zhi
  • Xanthium fruit: Cang Er Zi
  • Scute root: Huang Qin
  • Camu Camu fruit
  • Bupluerum root: Chai Hu
  • Aster seed: Zi Wan
  • Peucedenum root: Dian Hu
  • Loquat leaf: Pi Pa Ye
  • Pyrossia herb: Shi Wei
  • Chrysanthenum flower: Ju Hua
  • Slippery Elm bark
  • Red JuJuBe Date: Hong Zao
  • Acerola Cherry
  • Notopterygium root: Qiang Huo
  • Feverfew
  • Olive leaf
  • Pinellia rhiz: Ban Xia
  • Frittillaria bulb (Chuan Bei Mu & Zhe Bei Mu)
  • Mint Herb: Bo He
  • Andrographis herb: Chuan Xin Lian
  • Green Tea: Cha Ye
  • Licorice root: Gan Cao

  • Keep out of reach of children. If you are pregnant or nursing, seek advise of your physician before using any product.

    This product was manufactured under strict quality controls to assure you optimum safety, potency and reliability. Contains no added yeast, wheat, corn, soy, salt, sugar, colors, dairy artificial preservatives, or flavors.

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