Snow Lotus

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Snow Lotus Energize Snow Lotus Energize (10 ml)

An invigorating blend that boosts vitality and motivation.

Our Price: $15.40
Snow Lotus Child Chiller Snow Lotus Child Chiller (10 ml)

A sweet-citrus blend for the kids' room, day-care, or birthday party.

Our Price: $15.40
Snow Lotus Sweet Dreams Snow Lotus Sweet Dreams (10 ml)

Green and sweet, the satisfaction of true sleep.

Our Price: $15.40
Snow Lotus Immune Stim Snow Lotus Immune Stim (10 ml)

Invigorating; enhances defenses and helps prevent infections.

Our Price: $16.50
Snow Lotus Detoxify Snow Lotus Detoxify (10 ml)

Promotes systemic detoxification through skin, lymphatics, etc.

Our Price: $16.50
Snow Lotus Adrenal Support Snow Lotus Adrenal Support (10 ml)

A comprehensive tonic for adrenal fatigue, promoting stamina and endurance.

Our Price: $16.50
Snow Lotus Menopause Support Snow Lotus Menopause Support (10 ml)

Supports healthy changes during menopause .

Our Price: $16.50
Snow Lotus Mooncycle Snow Lotus Mooncycle (10 ml)

A soothing blend that eases and regulates the monthly moons.

Our Price: $16.50
Snow Lotus Rejuvenate Snow Lotus Rejuvenate (10 ml)

A blend to deeply refresh, rejuvenate and renew.

Our Price: $16.50
Snow Lotus Sinus Clear Snow Lotus Sinus Clear (10 ml)

A formula that gently helps open congested sinuses and relieves pain. Enhances the sense of smell.

Our Price: $16.50
Snow Lotus Worry Free Snow Lotus Worry Free (10 ml)

Helps reduce worry and anxiety of all types.

Our Price: $16.50
Snow Lotus Invigorate Blood, Moderate Menses Snow Lotus Invigorate Blood (10 ml)

Breaks up Blood stasis and reduces monthly flow.

Our Price: $17.60
Snow Lotus Activate Blood and Qi Snow Lotus Activate Qi & Blood (10 ml)

Regulates and invigorates Blood, activates Qi.

Our Price: $17.60
Snow Lotus Calm Mind Snow Lotus Calm Mind (10 ml)

Addresses mental disharmony from overstimulation.

Our Price: $17.60
Snow Lotus Nourish Sea of Blood Snow Lotus Nourish Sea of Blood (10 ml)

A nourishing blend that calms the mind and promotes a feeling of well-being.

Our Price: $17.60
Snow Lotus Pelvic Decongest Snow Lotus Pelvic Decongest (10 ml)

For pelvic congestion with heavy/early flow, cramps, and clots.

Our Price: $17.60
Snow Lotus Regulate Qi, Release Constraint Snow Lotus Regulate Qi (10 ml)

A soothing blend that relieves stress and tension.

Our Price: $17.60
Snow Lotus Respiratory Snow Lotus Respiratory (10 ml)

An invigorating formula to strengthen the breath and the mind, as well as work on actual respiratory conditions.

Our Price: $17.60
Snow Lotus Spirit Lift Snow Lotus Spirit Lift (10 ml)

To beat the blues, a euphoric sweet-floral blend.

Our Price: $17.60
Snow Lotus Tonify Qi Snow Lotus Tonify Qi (10 ml)

For Qi deficiency with minor Qi stagnation.

Our Price: $17.60
Snow Lotus Woman's Transformation Snow Lotus Womans Transformation (10 ml)

A rich balsamic blend that assists with stress or change.

Our Price: $18.70