Stage 3 Bone Knitting Pill (Jie Gu Wan (San Bu)) - Tooth from the Tiger's Mouth

Stage 3 Bone Knitting Pill - Jie Gu Wan (San Bu)

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Stage 3
Bone Knitting Pill (
Jie Gu Wan San Bu) 接骨丸 (三步)

Stage 3 Bone Knitting Pill (Jie Gu Wan San Bu) is derived from an amazingly effective ancient Shaolin Temple formula for treating fractures. It is appropriate in the later stages of fracture healing (weeks 4-6 after the fracture) to speed the knitting of the bones or to treat non-healing fractures. This formula continues to clear any remaining stasis, while incorporating herbs that strongly tonify the blood and strengthen the bones and sinews. It should be used in the 4th to the 6th weeks following a fracture (days 21 to 42).

Stage 3 Bone Knitting Pill may also be used in the treatment of sinew injuries that are slow to heal, or in which the ligaments and tendons are lax, or have been overstretched.

Stage 3 Bone Knitting Pill is particularly indicated when the patient is deficient - deficiency of blood, and Qi, and/or deficiency of liver Yin and Kidney Yang. Stage 3 Bone Knitting Pill has proven to be effective in many cases of non-healing fractures due to unresolved stasis, kidney deficiency, inadequate nutrition, and deficiency of Qi and blood.

Recommended Dosage: 3 capsules 3 times day

Ingredients: shu di huang; chuan xiong; bai shao; dang gui; du zhong; wu jia pi; gu sui bu; san qi; bu gu zhi; tu si zi; mu gua; liu jin nu; gui zhi; tu bie chong; huang qi; dang shen; xu duan; lu jin; gui ban

Contraindicated if pregnant

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