Turtle Moxa Device Set

Turtle Moxa Device Set

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Turtle Moxa Device Set

This is a heat-resisting ceramic clay jar moxa device. The clay includes elvan and germanium that helps to maximize beneficial effects of moxibustion. Its stable design allows anyone, regardless of their size, to use it with convenience and ease.

1. Place the moxa cone in the moxa device.
2. Use a torch to ignite the top center of the moxa cone. Ignition takes approximately 15-20 seconds.
3. After igniting, gentley blow on moxa to ensure moxa ignites fully and evenly. If moxa is properly ignited, the top center of the moxa cone will form a glowing, red circle.
4. Once ignition is complete, place the lid on the base and lock the device with the silicone safety band.
5. User may leave the device outside for several minutes to eliminate any excessive odor.

1. Cover with thin fabric or clothing in case of sensitive and delicate skin.
2. Do not use during pregnancy.
3. Avoid any alcoholic beverages before and after use.
4. Avoid meal consumption right before or just after usage.
5. Utilize ventilation for the best output.
6. Do not fall asleep during moxibustion. (Potential fire risk)
7. Do not situate moxa on any latex materials, bed gears, or natural ingredients.
8. Do not hold the moxa on one place for overly extended period of time. (Potential burn)
9. Any medical, handicapped, or mental patients must seek assistance before using moxa device.
10. Do not touch the cover during the moxibustion. Use handles. (Risk of potential burn)
11. Keep moxa device away from the reach of children.
12. Additional cleaning is unnecessary before usage.
13. In case of excessive soot buildup during or after moxibustion, boil.

These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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