Zheng Gu Tui Na Bone Sinew Gao (100 Grams)

Zheng Gu Tui Na Bone Sinew Gao (100 Grams)

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Zheng Gu Tui Na Bone Sinew Gao (100 Grams)

This Bone Sinew Gao is used in second or 3rd stage sinew and bone injuries where the bones and tendons are in their normal alignment but there is still swelling; stiffness and pain. This formula also has an astringent effect that helps to tighten and strengthen overstretched or lax sinews, so bones and sinews must be correctly aligned before applying. Bone-Sinew Gao is available as a powder.

Directions: Put powder in a frying pan and cover with whiskey or vodka. Cook over a low flame until mixture thickens and turns dark brown. Then add a tablespoon of honey towards the end. Apply while warm but be careful not to burn the skin.

Ingredients: Sheng Di Huang, Tao Ren, Gui Zhi, Wu Jia Pi, Mu Gua, Wang Bu Liu Xing, Bing Lang, Ze Lan, Su Mu, Cao Wu, Chuan Wu, Chen Pi, Gan Jiang, Dang Gui Wei, Ru Xiang, Mo Yao, Huang Qin, Huang Bai, Da Huang, Mu Zei, Tu Bie Chong, Zi Ran Tong, Bai Zhi, Xue Yu Tan, Hong Hua, Jie Chen Ta, Fu Long Ye, Ai Ye, Xiang Fu.

External use only.

Net wt. 3.53 oz. (100 grams)

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