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Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters Chamomile

With all the same digestive benefits of our original bitters line, our Chamomile Bitters are also suitable for occasional heartburn and morning sickness during pregnancy!

Our Price: 16.99
Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters Citrus

Citrus Digestive Bitters are an exotic, full bodied twist on our certified organic, handcrafted version of this old world classic.

Our Price: 16.99
Urban Moonshine Digestive Bitters Original

Urban Moonshine’s hand-crafted Digestive Bitters are a well balanced, aromatic, non-laxative update to traditional bitters formulas.

Our Price: 16.99
Urban Moonshine Herbal Apothecary Chocolate Love Tonic

By supporting circulation and soothing the nervous system, our Chocolate Love Tonic naturally arouses healthy libido.

Our Price: 18.99
Urban Moonshine Herbal Apothecary Simmer Down Tonic

Organic Simmer Down Tonic help promote a mellow mood, soothe nervousness and irritability during a stressful day, and encourage deep, restful sleep at night.

Our Price: 19.99
Urban Moonshine Herbal First Aid Hit The Hay

Sleep Support
Passionflower and Kava

Our Price: 20.99