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Meridian Singles - Horny Goat Weed Meridian Singles Yin Yang Huo - Horny Goat Weed (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles Horny Goat Weed is a hot and stimulating herb for aches and pains that are worse with cold and damp weather as well as male virility and performance.

Our Price: $9.95
Meridian Singles - Astragalus Root Meridian Singles Huang Qi - Astragulus Root (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles Astragalus Root is a Qi tonic herb for those who experience fatigue, shortness of breath, excessive easy sweating, chronic colds or ongoing respiratory conditions.

Our Price: $16.95
Meridian Singles - Gingko Biloba (Leaves) Meridian Singles Yin Xing Ye - Gingko Biloba (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles - Gingko Biloba (Leaves) is a natural herbal extract used to support normal lung function, calm and cool the mind and strengthen circulation.

Our Price: $16.95
Meridian Singles - Angelica Root Meridian Singles Dang Gui - Angelica Root (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles Angelica Root is a nourishing and balancing herb for those that experience fatigue, irregular or painful menstruation, dull or dry skin, or a tendency towards constipation.

Our Price: $17.95
Meridian Singles - Asiatic Cherry Fruit Meridian Singles Shan Zhu Yu - Asiatic Cherry Fruit (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles Asiatic Cherry Fruit is a natural herbal supplement used to promote normal urinary bladder function and reproductive health and in cases of excessive sweating.

Our Price: $17.95
Meridian Singles - Codonopsis Root Meridian Singles Dang Shen - Codonopsis Root (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles Codonopsis Root is an herbal supplement to support healthy digestion and lung function.

Our Price: $17.95
Meridian Singles - Fo-Ti Meridian Singles He Shou Wu - Fo Ti (60 Caps)

A rejuvenating herb for those experiencing dry and itchy skin, fatigue, dizziness, blurred vision or premature greying hair.

Our Price: $17.95
Meridian Singles - American Ginseng Meridian Singles Xi Yang Shen - American Ginseng (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles American Ginseng is a cooling Yin tonic herb for those who experience fatigue, dryness, thirst, chronic wheezing, feeling of heat.

Our Price: $19.95
Meridian Singles - Korean Red Ginseng Meridian Singles Hong Ren Shen - Korean Red Ginseng (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles Korean Red Ginseng is a warming Yang tonic herb for those who suffer extreme fatigue and feelings of coldness, shortness of breath and easy sweating.

Our Price: $19.95
Meridian Singles - Reishi Mushroom Meridian Singles Ling Zhi - Reishi Mushroom (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles Reishi Mushroom is a tonic herb to strengthen the protective Qi of the body, for those with poor immune function, frequent colds or infections or recovering from long term illness.

Our Price: $19.95
Meridian Singles - Schisandra Fruit Meridian Singles Wu Wei Zi - Schisandra Fruit (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles Schisandra Fruit is know as the "Five Tastes Herb" because it balances all of the body systems. Beneficial for those who suffer from chronic cough, insomnia, genitourinary disorders, fatigue and easy sweating.

Our Price: $19.95
Meridian Singles - Coptis Root Meridian Singles Huang Lian - Coptis Root (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles Coptis Root is a cooling herb to put out the fire for those who suffer from acid regurgitation and indigestion or loose and smelly stools. Cooling relief after overindulging in food or alcohol.

Our Price: $25.00
Meridian Singles - Cordyceps Meridian Singles Dong Chong Xia Cao - Cordyceps (60 Caps)

Meridian Singles - Cordyceps is a warming and revitalizing tonic for enhancing stamina, reducing fatigue and strengthening the immune system.

Our Price: $39.95