Chinese Herbs for weight loss

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Meridian Remedies Weight Management (100 Caps) Meridian Remedies Weight Management (100 Caps)

A natural herbal supplement that assists the body's natural ability to maintain a healthy weight without using harsh stimulants or laxatives.

Our Price: $18.95
Weight Loss Ear Seed Kit Ear Seed Kit - Weight Loss

Ear seed therapy (auriculotherapy) works with your body to help you lose weight by decreasing your appetite while increasing your metabolism. It also works to combat the cravings and emotional behaviors that lead to excessive eating.

Our Price: $18.99
Meridian Remedies Digestive Balance Meridian Remedies Digestive Balance (100 Caps)

Meridian Remedies Digestive Balance is an herbal supplement formulated to support digestive restoration.

Our Price: $19.95