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Taoist Oil (20mL)

Taoist Oil - Herbal Analgesic Formula

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Taoist Oil is a very warming liniment indicated for COLD Bi type of Pain. Taoist Oil Herbal Analgesic Formula is indicated for pain that is associated with acute or chronic Arthritis & tendinitis, Rheumatic neuralgia, Acute or chronic, Acute or chronic Sciatic Neuralgia, Lumbar and leg pain, and chronic injuries from falls and blows Directions: Apply to infected area once or twice a day. It is unnecessary to rub or work the liniment into the skin. To test for skin hypersensitivity, apply a small amount onto the skin. If irritation occurs, discontinue use. For external use only! Wash hands thoroughly after use. Warning: do not contact liniments with eyes or other mucous membranes. Avoid use in pregnancy. Do not apply to open cuts, sensitive areas, or genital areas. After applying liniment do not wrap or cover area. Keep out of reach of children.

Tom Leung's commentary: This is a very very warming liniment. Only use in Cold Bi Zheng (obstruction).

Ingredients: dioscorea nipponica makino, henslowia frutescents champ, plygonum paleaceum wall, toricellia angulata oliv., cynanchum paniculatum, zanthoxylum nitidum, myrrh tincture, capsicum frutescens, and gaultheria procumbens oil. Package information: net volume 20 ml (.67 oz) Manufactured under the supervision of Sichuan Chinese Traditional Chinese Medical Research Institute

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